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The United States is growing in the understanding that there is an energy crisis on our hands. We can keep it at bay for a while by conserving energy and taking energy-saving measures, but if we don't take steps to find alternative energy sources, we will likely lose the ability and resources to continue producing enough energy to meet the growing demands of the growing population of our country. Fortunately, there are alternatives. Wind power has actually been used for centuries to generate power: the windmill is a classic example of using the wind to generate energy for work. And, today, a wind turbine engineer can help to make wind energy practical.

Wind is an abundant resource, and the energy generated by wind turbines in windy areas can make electricity a lot more affordable in the areas that they service. But in order to keep those turbines in good working condition, they must receive regular service from a wind turbine engineer. This type of engineer must have a firm grasp of physics and mechanics, and must also be familiar with the specific turbine that he or she is working with in order to make sure that they can identify common problems quickly and fix them in a timely manner.

A wind turbine engineer can also commit his or her career to research and development; to developing more efficient wind turbines that will produce more energy at a more affordable cost. Generating energy for an affordable price is important if you want to use energy to make the world a better place, and especially if you want to see sustainable energy sources like wind replace traditional energy sources. There are always ways to improve designs, and wind turbine engineers can get to work on that so that wind energy becomes more widely used.

At this point in time, wind energy is generally more available in areas that experience steady, year-round winds to keep those turbines going. But, someday, there is the hope that science and technology will figure out a way to make sustainable energy sources the primary energy resources used.

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