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Wind energy is a green industry that will be in demand in the coming years. The biggest problem currently is the demand for wind energy jobs outstrips the supply of workers. In short, that means that there are not enough people currently qualified to do work in wind energy. As it is a relatively new field to the general public, the hope is that as more people learn about what wind energy is, they'll be interested in finding a career in it. The wind industry employs both professionals and skilled tradesmen, so whether you're blue collar or white collar, the chances are high that there is a job for you.

As new wind projects are developed, they require people with meteorological and business expertise as well as engineering knowledge. So people without engineering degrees shouldn't be discouraged - you will still be able to find a job in this industry if you so chose. Wind energy jobs have titles such as wind engineer, energy and sustainability engineer, wind energy technician, and wind site manager. A bachelor's degree is the common minimum requirement to be considered, but candidates with associate's degrees have been hired as well.

Meteorologists work with engineers to find suitable sites for ideal wind conditions. Engineers then design the wind farm, turning the project over to the construction workers to build. Mechanical and electrical engineers then maintain and operate the wind turbines. Finally, the business-oriented handle the business end of the project such as financing, negotiation of contracts, etc. There is truly something for everyone in this industry, and as countries move more toward alternative energy sources, it will only get larger. It is estimated that by 2018 over 2.65 million people worldwide will be working in solar or wind energy jobs, up from about 600,000 in 2008.

Wind energy jobs often have the word "engineer" in the title, which would lead many to assume that those with engineering degrees will dominate the field. However, there are jobs in the industry for those without an engineering background. As stated before, people in the skilled trades are needed, as well as those with business experience. In fact, prior experience in the field helps out greatly, since the learning curve won't be nearly as steep. Wind energy is bound to become a big field in the renewable energy category, and it's an industry that isn't going anywhere for quite some time.

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