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Electricity is composed of wide interconnecting networks of electrical line, power plants and diverse equipments such as transformers, electrical power distribution systems, and substations. Transmission System Operators (TSO) are part of the network and play a key role. Indeed they are the operators in charge of transmitting electrical power from generation plants to the regional or local electricity distribution operators. Transmission system operators are working on electrical lines with very high voltage, above 100,000 Volts, and they use transformers to reduce the voltage, below 66,000 Volt, for electrical power distribution. If you work for a transmission system operator company, safety and reliability will be the core of your work since any failure in power generation may possibly result in a large number of personal and property damages.

How does one become a transmission system operator? For the potential candidate interested in a career as a transmission system operator, you will likely be required to possess at least a high school diploma. College-level graduates and candidates who had a prior experience in a mechanical or technical job will be preferred over those with only a high school diploma. You have to know that as most power generation plant or control system operators, most entry-level transmission system operators will first start as helpers or laborers. Recruiters expect the potential Candidates to have excellent skills in mathematics, science and computer science. Selected candidates will follow an extensive training program before starting their duties as transmission operator.

In the U.S., there were about 47,000 power generation operators or plant technicians including transmission system operator in 2004. The job market for transmission system operator is very limited and very competitive because of the small number of potential recruiters. Contrary to the expected growth of jobs usa electrician, the overall employment rate of transmission system operator is likely to decline through 2014. However, most companies will likely have to replace their retired engineers creating new job opportunities.

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