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A power plant generates a lot of power. It has to. The very reason for its existence is to make sure that it produces enough energy for everyone in the area to use. But the process of creating usable energy for consumers doesn't stop with generating it. It must also be transmitted to power substations, and transformed to lower, more "usable" distribution voltages for consumers and businesses a like. The job of the transmission design engineer is to design these transmission power lines that will deliver the much needed electrons to our city's power substations.

It can be a challenge for a transmission design engineer to figure out a safe and effective means for the bulk transmission of such high voltages of energy. These bulk transmission voltages can range from 33kV on up to 750kV, and must travel long distances in order to get to the necessary stations. It is the transmission engineer's job to determine all the necessary specs with regard to conductor (wire) size, pole size and strength, tower type and the locations of each structure. The transmission design engineer must consider things such as wind loading, terrain, temperature, angles and distances between structures, and much, much more. There is a lot that goes into the planning aspect of building a power transmission line. Just seeing a new transmission line being built, you can bet that many years of planning had preceded it.

In order to become a transmission design engineer, you must have the proper education. You must have at least a bachelor's degree in physical science or engineering, preferably mechanical or electrical engineering. It also helps if you have some prior experience in the power industry. Sometimes, getting your foot in the door with a position unrelated to engineering can get you noticed so that you have the opportunity to move up the corporate ladder a little faster. One thing's for sure: as long as you have the right degree and a passion for excellence, you should have no trouble finding a position in the industry of your choice.

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