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The changing landscape of the power and electrical industries has given rise to a number of new jobs, and power jobs are quickly becoming some of the most sought after in the country. There are more and more power related jobs being created, as new technologies are released and the nation begins to move towards a new type of energy generation. Here, we’ll go over a few of the popular jobs related to the power industry, as well as what they entail.

One of the most common power jobs, and one that is experiencing a dramatic increase in the number of jobs available, is the electrical engineer. An electrical engineer is, essentially, a person that is trained in applications of electrical theory. The applications for this job are virtually limitless, although many of them find work dealing with larger scale electrical systems. These systems can include anything from power transmissions to motor controls, and the creation and maintenance of various other types of electrical devices. There are currently about three hundred thousand electrical engineers in the United States, with the average yearly wage being about seventy thousand dollars. The number of electrical engineering jobs is expected to grow significantly through 2014.

Electrician, which is not to be mistaken for an electrical engineer, is another of the more common power jobs which is experiencing relatively rapid growth. Electricians install and maintain electrical systems for a wide variety of purposes. Typical jobs an electrician might take include installing climate control systems, security systems, and communication systems such as phone and internet lines. There are currently about six hundred and fifty thousand electricians working in the United States, and electrician job opportunities are increasing steadily.

All of this electricity has to come from somewhere, and there are many power jobs working in the various sources of electrical power. Power generation operators and plant technicians are becoming more widely needed, as more areas of the country expand the ways in which they generate electricity. If you are looking for a power job, these are a safe choice. Part of what makes these types of jobs so desirable is that, unlike many other jobs where the worker does not have to be at the job site in person, this type of work will never be outsourced. Because the work requires relatively higher amounts of training than other similar jobs, they are relatively secure as well.

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