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Every city depends on a power plant for its energy. And every city depends on energy to be able to go about its daily business day by day. The power plant, in turn, depends on the plant manager (electrical or power plant) to keep it running smoothly on a daily basis. The plant manager is responsible for making sure that everything on the plant is functional, and that maintenance is carried out to make sure that all of the equipment and machinery at the plant remains in top condition. In a way, he or she bears the responsibility of making sure that the city has the power to do what it needs to do to thrive.

A plant manager (electrical or power plant) needs to have a thorough knowledge of how the plant works. It also helps of the manager understands how the power grid outside of the plant, which connects it to the city, works as well. After all, there's no point to generating all that power if you aren't going to distribute it. The plant manager must oversee all of the processes of the plant, from the generation of the electricity to its distribution to various locations throughout the city.

In order to do this, a plant manager must be well-versed in multitasking. He or she must be able to identify problems quickly, prioritize them, and direct the appropriate party to find a solution as quickly as possible. The manager must make decisions quickly and be willing to take responsibility for the consequences. This makes being a plant manager a somewhat demanding job, but a good plant manager will rise to the challenge and welcome the opportunity to stay sharp and on his or her toes.

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