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If you're interested in working for an electric utility, nuclear power plants are an option if you so choose. While there are inherent risks involved with working at a nuclear power plant, the actual nuclear power jobs aren't too much different from those found at other electric utility companies. There are a few subtle differences, but the jobs themselves are virtually the same. However, extra caution is needed due to the radioactive nature of this form of energy. Electricians and electrical engineers are still needed, as are the various administrative support staff members to keep things running.

Nuclear power jobs come in all shapes and sizes, but there are additional positions here that you won't find in other electric utility companies. These jobs consist of positions such as radiological protection technicians, radiological control technicians (RCTs) and decontamination workers, just to name a few. These positions are all about minimizing human exposure to radiation. The jobs themselves often require exposure to radiation as part of the job - especially the decontamination workers. Because of the nature of the positions, these jobs most often come with what would be considered hazard pay. While the pay associated with these positions is high, the dangers that come along with them are enough to keep people away.

Nuclear power jobs aren't always found in utility plants. There are also nuclear power jobs in the military (usually with the Navy) and in other private sector companies who use such workers on a contract basis. Handling hazardous materials isn't for everyone, so that already limits the number of people willing to take on the responsibility of the work. Engineers of various types, such as mechanical, and civil engineers are employed by these utility companies. Therefore, people with engineering degrees will be able to find work in a number of different fields within the same plant.

There are nuclear plants all over the country, and many of them are looking to hire more workers. If you want one of these nuclear power jobs, you'll have to relocate to work there. These stations don't exactly sit in the middle of a big city, so if you're willing to be flexible with your living arrangements and don't mind small, rural towns several miles from everything, working at a nuclear power plant just might be for you. Companies may be willing to pay for your relocation if you do choose to work there.

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