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Nuclear engineering is rather a practical application of nuclear physics, most specifically for the purpose of creating energy from nuclear reactions, and harnessing that energy for people to use. Despite what the general public may think about nuclear power plants, thanks to nuclear engineers of today, this form of energy is actually a safe one.

Nuclear engineers must have an intimate knowledge of nuclear physics. This is necessary because the engineer must understand the reactions taking place in a nuclear power plant if he or she is to troubleshoot problems and perform or oversee maintenance and repairs to the equipment in the plant. It's because of their expertise that generating and using nuclear power is as safe as it is today. You need not worry that there will be a meltdown of any sort because modern engineering has created safeguards against such accidents.

Other fields can also make use of nuclear engineering, including medicine, technology, thermodynamic transport, nuclear proliferation, and radioactive waste, its effects on the environment, and the best ways to dispose of it. If you want to pursue a career as a nuclear engineer, there are many options open to you. You can choose whatever industry or application you like. This is a field that generally attracts the best and brightest. If you can make it in this field, then it's a commendation of your intelligence and ability to apply the knowledge you possess in practical ways.

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