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Are you an engineer in the market for a job? Are you thinking about getting a degree in engineering? An engineering job in the power industry may be the right answer for you. Electrical engineering is a satisfying and rewarding career path for hands-on individuals that like to be challenged. There are a host of jobs available today for the qualified engineer in the power industry. Strict qualifications regularly accompany postings for engineering positions. Many jobs secure in today's industry can become a stepping stone to climbing the corporate ladder if the candidate is so motivated. Some of the many options are explored below.

For the beginning engineer, engineering jobs like a System Engineer is a good fit. This type of position will generally require a bachelor's degree in engineering from an accredited facility and a minimum of 2 years experience. In addition to education and experience, this type of job entails the ability to communicate well and work in conjunction with others. Superior verbal and written communication skills are essential for this position. The qualified candidate will bring experience in designing, modeling and maintaining distribution power centers. This position could lead the motivated and qualified candidate to other engineering jobs with more responsibility and initiative.

A seasoned engineer might look for engineer jobs with a supervisory or management roll attached. A prestigious position like a manager of engineering and quality will have various job requirements. It is not uncommon for this type of position to require more than ten years of experience as an engineer in the power industry. Employers will look for candidates that have assumed more and more responsibility in their current rolls as well as extensive knowledge of the day to day operations of the modern power plant. An excellent command of engineering principals is also beneficial to the applicant.

As an engineer, you can secure jobs that fulfill a variety of rolls. Jobs in the power industry will often look for individuals with a highly specific skill set. Evaluation and troubleshooting systems is often a crucial part of many engineering jobs. Individuals who are new to the field might enjoy working on power lines or installing, maintaining or calibrating electrical equipment. Mid-level jobs come with additional responsibility that may include managing small-scale projects. These added responsibilities can lead to management positions. Whether you are a novice engineer or a seasoned professional, you can find the power job that is right for you.

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