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If you’re looking for job opportunities, one of the best areas to go into is the power generation market. The electrical industry has a huge range of applications, and virtually everywhere in the United States maintains a level of electrical power usage. Where there is electricity, there are electrical jobs, and as the economy recovers the opportunities for finding work in this field are expanding rapidly. This, combined with the alternate energy research and increased level of electrical development mean that there are a number of new jobs being created all the time. Here, we’ll go over a few of the common energy jobs out there, as well as what these employees are responsible for.

Transmission system operators are tasked with ensuring that power is transmitted successfully and securely along the intricate network of electrical lines, power plants, and other equipment, in order to make sure that electricity goes to the correct areas in the correct amounts. Transmission system operators are also responsible for converting voltages using transformers. Transmission system operators are focused on safety and reliability, and this makes them one of the key energy jobs that will be needed with the expansion of various electrical systems.

Substation operators are akin to transmission system operators in so far as they are responsible for the machinery that distributes electricity, but on a more localized level. They are also known as switchmen, because they operate substations that increase or decrease electrical current to various areas. There were about fifty thousand substation operators in the United States as of 2004, but this field of work is rapidly increasing, and many energy jobs are being created as new communities and business areas are built. If you want to take advantage of an expanding market, this type of work is a great way to do so.

One of the most common types of energy jobs is the electrician. Electricians are responsible for virtually every aspect of electrical equipment that goes into a home, from air conditioning to communication lines. They are frequently contracted by private companies during the construction of neighborhoods, or by individuals to work on a particular aspect of a home. There are currently almost seven hundred thousand electricians working in the United States, with the field expanding constantly. If you are looking for an excellent trade job, then learning the various skills of an electrician is a good place to start.

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