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The world would be a dark place without electricians. Electricians at their simplest can wire houses for electricity, telephone, and other utilities. They can also perform routine repairs and install lights, plugs, and switches that you can use to control the electricity in your house. Most of the things they have to know, they can pick up on the job as they gain experience. There's a huge demand for skilled, honest, and affordable electricians, and, if you are willing to work hard, you could quickly become the electrician that everyone wants to hire because of your excellent reputation for quality work.

When you're an electrician, quality really counts. If your work isn't precise, then there could be problems in the house later on. And if you're work is done hastily and sloppily, then you might have loose connections that come apart as the house settles, and then the owners will have to pay for drywall repair as well as electrical repair, making a simple fix more costly. You can't build a good reputation for yourself doing shoddy work. It's best if you maintain high standards of quality and commit to making your work the best it can be every day.

The life of an electrician may not be glamorous, but it is steady work for steady pay, and even more so if you're good at what you do. So do your best to be the best.

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