Electrical Lineworker (Linesman or Lineman)

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Even the tightest of ships springs a leak every once in a while. And, no matter how vigilant a power company is, there are bound to be outages on occasion. When a storm takes out a tree that takes out a power line, when an unusually hot spring day causes a power station to overload, when a cable simply wears out and needs to be replaced, the power company will send out an electrical lineworker (linesman or lineman) to check out the problem and, if it's within his capabilities, to fix the problem or make the repair so that power is up and running in the area again.

An electrical lineworker is trained for fieldwork, but must also have at least a basic understanding of electricity to be able to do his or her job properly. It's important to understand the principles of electricity so that you know where to look when there's a problem. It'll help you to at least narrow down the possible problems so that you can locate it more quickly, fix it more quickly, and get the power back up more quickly. You can get a bachelor's degree in a physical science or in electrical engineering; that will certainly help you to understand the principles.

And it's also important for the electrical lineworker / lineman to put safety first. He or she must learn proper safety protocols and procedures to make sure that both the crew and any pedestrians or residents in the vicinity will be safe from harm.

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