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The utility industry is one that is practically guaranteed never to go away. People need lights, after all. Therefore, electric utility jobs are the type of jobs that will be around for quite some time. From engineering to systems analysis, or even administrative assistant; these are jobs that are around right now and will probably be around for the foreseeable future. There are a number of different fields that people can work in within an electric utility; they're not all engineering jobs. Utilities need people with a wide array of skills to fill a variety of positions, much like any other business.

If you have a degree in electrical engineering, then electric utility jobs are right up your alley. Electric companies use electrical engineers in different capacities, from working with a team of electricians to managing an entire department. Because of this, electrical engineers don't always have the title "electrical engineer" when they work for electric companies. They can be very hands on or largely administrative in their official functions. It's only natural that an electric company would be interested in employing electrical engineers.

However, what if you don't have an electrical engineering degree? There are still electric utility jobs for you. Administrative assistant positions are available for those who enjoy the comfort of office work. There are also analyst positions for IT specialists, as well as HR positions for those who are more inclined to work with people. Veterans of the business world will find work as marketing managers and media spokespersons. Of course, if you're an electrician, you'll be able to find work rather easily. Career changers will find a use for transferable skills even in an industry they may not be immediately familiar with. Electric companies aren't just made up of electricians, after all. It takes the work of several different departments to make any business run, and that includes people with diverse skills.

A number of electric utility companies are looking to hire right now, and those job listings are presented here. If you find one that piques your interest, feel free to apply. Electric utility jobs aren't exactly going away, especially if you're an electrician or an electrical engineer. The hands on and theoretical jobs in electric utilities work hand in hand to deliver electric service to millions of people. Take a look at the listings and find the perfect job for yourself.

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