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Are you looking for a job in alternative energy? You're not alone. Alternative or renewable energy jobs are looking better and better these days as the recession continues. While there are unusually a great deal of openings, the problem with getting into the field is the skills—many of the alternative energy jobs require skills that the average worker doesn't have right now. As a result, jobs remain open, and people remain out of work. In order to get yourself ready for a position in alternative energy, some additional training might be needed if you don't have the skills already.

The alternative energy industry, naturally, employs a great number of scientists and engineers. Because of this, it adds to the misconception that you need an engineering degree to get one of the alternative energy jobs out there. However, this industry is more than just engineers and scientists. There are jobs available that are just like any others—construction, sales, business, manufacturing, and agriculture. Many of these jobs can be had with just a little bit of additional training. Management level positions may require a bachelor's degree, but there are blue-collar positions that don't require much experience at all.

The alternative energy industry has several subcategories such as solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower, biomass, and hydrogen energy. These categories all involve renewable resources and promote high sustainability. Most alternative or renewable energy jobs (and green jobs in general) are considered mid-skill positions, requiring additional education beyond a high school diploma but not as much as a bachelor's degree. An associate's degree is the happy medium between the two. For example, a construction worker can get a job as a retrofitter with additional training in how to retrofit buildings to increase energy efficiency. An electrician can train in photovoltaic technology and quickly get to work as a solar installer.

By 2030, it is estimated that about 40 million people will be working in the alternative energy field. There are just so many jobs that have been created in this field and will continue to be created. Once these energy sources are built, they just have to be maintained and repaired occasionally. This is the one major characteristic alternative energy jobs have going for them is that these jobs, much like any other jobs that deal with maintenance or repair, cannot be outsourced. You can't retrofit an American building in China. So, getting a job in a green industry is a safe bet to being employed for the foreseeable future.

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