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four tips to help you get hired

July 4th, 2010

In this current economic atmosphere of employers downsizing, jobs heading south and overseas, and sky-high unemployment rates, the skill of quality job interviewing is suddenly at a premium.  But sadly, most job seekers–even those perfectly qualified for sometimes highly-technical jobs–are lousy at interviewing.  Oftentimes even the basics:  knowing what to say, how to dress, and the right way to act, are lacking.  Would you like an edge on the competition in this super-competitive employment environment?  Here are four killer tips on how to interview for that job, and get hired!

First of all, show up on time.  Seems to go without saying, but it NEEDS to be said.  Far too many applicants show up at their interview five minutes before it’s scheduled or right at the appointed time, or (gasp) even late.  The reasons why you can’t get there on time don’t matter.  Simply put, if you hope for even a snowball’s chance of getting the gig, arrive ten to fifteen minutes early.  Acclimate yourself to the surroundings, fill out any required paperwork, and focus.

Secondly, although it seems like another no-brainer, dress appropriately.  What you look like conveys so much about who you are, and that is important to an employer.  This does not mean you need to don a tux for a lawn care job, nor should you rock your jeans and polo for that bank teller position.  Dress up or down to the duties required by the job itself.  Also, run a comb through your hair, apply the right amount of makeup (for women only), and a hint of cologne can’t hurt.  Nobody gets hired from a first impression, but you can certainly lose a job based on one.

Third, sell yourself.  Don’t answer the interviewer’s questions in one or two-word responses.  Elaborate as applicable, giving the interviewer a sense of your intelligence, your personality, and your ability to do the job.  Relax, if you appear so nervous you can barely speak, you have no shot.  A desperate job seeker is one who will remain unemployed.

Fourth, and this is key—know the answer to the “magic question.”  In virtually all job interviews the same important question will be asked, and this one answer all by itself can get you hired.  You might even start the next day.  It might be asked in different variations, but here’s the gist:  Why should we hire you for this job?  This is where you talk about your dependability, your reliability, your knowledge and experience, any positive aspects of the total you that tells the employer why you and you alone are the right person for this particular job.  Expect this question going in, and have a reply that will knock out the interviewer.  Even work out a written version, and rehearse it until it’s perfect.

Remember, most job applicants can’t follow these four simple tips.  But now YOU are aware.  You know these keys  to focus on and make yourself unforgettable to an employer.  So get there early, look nice, relax and speak intelligently, and tell them why YOU are the best person in the world for this job.  Now, head out there and get hired!