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power plant jobs – find yours today!

Power Plant Operator Jobs – What You Can Expect From This Job

Are you seeking a career change?  You may be looking for a better job that can provide you a greater sense of accomplishment, not to mention a higher paycheck.  If this describes you and your situation, you might want to look into Power Plant Operator jobs.  The energy sector is one of the hottest industries in the job market today.  There are many different kinds of alternative energy jobs and this one may be right for you.  The need for skilled Power Plant Operators is not expected to decline which means now could be the best time to seek a profession in this industry.

The briefest description of what Power Plant Operator jobs entail is a management of everyday operations at a power plant.  The need for this kind of position is obvious when you realize that anything involving machinery could malfunction.  It is up to the Power Plant Operator to fix problems that may arise with malfunctioning equipment.  Maintenance may be required on auxiliary equipment like fans and pumps, compressors and condensers, filters and lubricants.  Minor adjustments are made by Power Plant Operators as well, including tightening pipe joints.  They regularly inspect equipment to ensure that there are no operating problems.

Apart from understanding the how it works, and making any necessary simple repairs, Power Plant Operator jobs require those who fill this position to understand paperwork and charts.  A Power Plant Operator will need to be able to understand charts, meters, and gauges to determine that everything is functioning correctly.  Corrective steps may be necessary.  They will also fill out any necessary paperwork to report the need for any major repairs.  The need to inspect past records and log book entries are called for in this position as well.  Communications with other plant personnel is vital to ensuring a positive operating status across the plant.

There are different kinds of Power Plant Operator jobs because there are different kinds of power plants.  You might find employment at a wind or nuclear power plant or at a different kind that could be constructed in the future.  The expansion of alternative energy means there is not expected to be a shortage of Power Plant Operator jobs any time soon.  If this is something you are interested in, you should get in touch with a potential employer in your area or in a location you would not mind relocating to.  Your new career awaits!

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  1. admin says:

    An article regarding this topic “power plant jobs”

    Energy Jobs – Power Plant Workers

    Electricity is one of the nation’s most indispensible resources. It serves as the means of power for everything from a light bulb to a kitchen appliance to your computer. You flip the switch on the wall and expect the power to turn on. Thanks to power plant workers, this is almost always the case, unless a power outage or other complication has caused your lights or power outlets to stop working. In this category of energy jobs, workers find themselves in charge of controlling and monitoring the generators, boilers and turbines that make power plants do what they are designed to do, which is produce and distribute power via a network of transmission lines.

    Energy jobs within power plants usually involve operators, dispatchers and distributors to work in a control room at a station of computers. The work environment does not require strenuous work in a physical sense, but your undivided attention is required. Sometimes, work outside the control room is required, and then power plant workers can be exposed to various kinds of dangers like electric shocks or burns. Because electricity is generated 24 hours a day, these energy jobs usually entail 8 or 12-hour shifts to cover all hours of the day. Rotating shifts like this can be stressful and tiring because of constant sleep pattern changes, so it is advised that you secure a regular work schedule to avoid this.

    A combination of education, experience, and training on-the-job is required to succeed in energy jobs like power plant worker positions. You will need at least a high school diploma to find employment in this field, but those with a college education or vocational training will find it easier to be employed in higher-paying positions. This is especially the case if employment at a nuclear power plant is sought after. It is not a hiring requirement, but many employers prefer to see a bachelor’s degree in a physical science or engineering.

    In 2008, more than 50,000 energy jobs will filled throughout the country as power plant workers. The need for operators is expected to decline by 2% from now until 2018. This is due to the continual innovations seen in the power plant industry as automation takes over some jobs that were previously available to people. The annual earnings you can expect with this kind of job are just over $58,000 per year. The highest 10% of workers earn more than $80,000.

  2. admin says:

    Here is a great article describing power plant jobs!

    Ours is a world that runs on energy. That may seem like an obvious statement, but it’s surprising how people in first-world countries take it for granted that they have access to instant electricity, water, and gas. If anything were to happen to the power providers, then most people would be thrown into a near panic; they don’t know how to survive without electricity, running water, and gas heaters and stoves. So, in order to keep the world as we know it running smoothly, it’s important to make sure that power plant jobs are filled as soon as possible, so that the power plants are fully staffed at all times.

    When most people think of power plant jobs, they think of engineers, and with good reason. Power plants need good engineers in order to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. There are two main types of engineers that usually work for power plants. Mechanical engineers work on the actual power output, and figure out how to most effectively produce power. They figure out what materials they need, and make sure that all of the equipment on the power plant is working efficiently. They fix machinery when it’s broken and make sure that everything at the power plant is running smoothly, and will stay that way.

    Civil engineers are more involved with planning with city engineers and planners to figure out the most efficient way to give people access to the power that they supply. In order for a house to be linked to a city’s power grid, there must be a power grid for it to connect to, and a standard way for it to connect to that grid. Civil engineers work with city planners and engineers to figure out the best way to set up that power grid. They have to make it reach all of the existing people, as well as plan to give access to more people in the future, should the city continue to expand. These power plant jobs are crucial to making sure that people have access to the services that a power plant provides.

    Even if you’re not an engineer, you could have a future in power plant jobs. Power plants also need people to work under the head engineers and to do the day-to-day work and maintenance that needs to be done. They even need clerical assistance to keep all of their records in order.


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