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Energy Jobs – Oil Rig Workers

Oil rigging is an interesting line of work. Many people are drawn to this kind of career because of the chance to work in places all over the world like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Mexico, Venezuela, China, Norway, Russia, the UK and the US. Oil rig workers have a challenging but very rewarding job, a combination which is appealing to a variety of people. Many oil rig workers find themselves living in very fine accommodations, despite the fact that they are living quite literally in the middle of the ocean. While you are on the rig itself, you are generally taken care of in regards to your need for food and board and the cost of laundry and travel.

There are many different job opportunities within this category of energy jobs. A few include filling the position of driller, motorman, crane operator, rig mechanic or electrician, barge engineer, medic, or storekeeper. Clearly, there is more than one job required of oil rig workers. The schedule you can expect for work is a 14/21 day rotation. What this means is that you work for 14 days and have 21 days off. The reasoning for this is that oil rig workers do hard work and deserve plenty of time off to be home with their families. Consider the fact that this means you will have three-fifths of the year off from work!

When considering that you get this much time off of work to spend with your family, you may be questioning the kind of income you can make to support yourself and your family within this category of energy jobs. Well, you will be pleased to discover that you can make about $300 per day when you work a roughneck job like drill deck workers do. This equates to about $47,000 per year. Specialized jobs like that of driller can earn well over $50,000 per year. If you are a drill leader or supervisor, you could make $100,000 per year. Technical and professional positions can make upwards of $200,000 per year.

Clearly, there is a lot of money to be made as an oil rig worker. This and other kinds of energy jobs tend to pay well because energy is in such high demand and the work required of those filling the positions is challenging. There are many requirements that may be essential for you to comply with, so look into any stipulations before you decide to get onboard an oil rig.

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    Energy Jobs – Oil Refinery Workers

    Oil refinery workers are people who help to transform crude oil into products that can be used for the heating of buildings, powering of cars and machines, and the generation of electric power. Plus, other petroleum products like plastic, detergent, fertilizer, synthetic rubber, and countless other important products are made from energy jobs in oil refining. You may be looking for a position with an oil refinery, so you should know that these differ from one another. Some refineries are huge, processing more than 600,000 barrels of crude oil a day. Others are quite small, handling as little as 150 barrels in a day.

    Energy jobs in the oil refinery industry employ about 60,000 workers, many of whom work within the plant to assist with its physical operation. However, processing oil is a highly automated task, so what do oil refinery workers do? Many regulate the refining process by using computers and other special instruments. These refinery operators and assistants may find work with only a high school diploma, but anyone working as an engineer, manager, or in another professional position will need to have earned at least their bachelor’s degree.

    If you are interested in working in the oil refining industry, you may be interested to know what the employment outlook is. With the vast amount of automation occurring in this category of energy jobs, it appears that the need for oil refinery workers will decline from now until 2014. However, once you get into the industry, you will have plenty of opportunities to advance in the company. You may start out as a pumper’s helper and later advance to the position of pump operator or supervisor. Also know that petroleum engineers and other professional positions will remain in high demand despite the decrease in need for physical laborers.

    Before you look too deeply into this category of energy jobs, you will certainly want to know what working conditions are like and how much money you can expect to make. Many laborers are exposed to heat or objectionable odors, but working conditions are generally considered to be safe. You will usually be expected to work a 40-hour week unless you are a maintenance worker, in which case you will only need to work as machinery breaks down. The average income of oil refinery workers is $57,000 per year, though the top 10% of employees can earn about $78,000.


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