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electrical jobs – powerjobsdirect

Electric Power Jobs – Many Options to Choose From

There are many options for electric power jobs today.  After all, many things are run by electricity, but not many people know a lot about it.  One available job is as a Switchman, also known as a Substation Operator.  If you take up this kind of position, you will be in charge of monitoring the equipment that allocates electricity to various residences, businesses, and industrial buildings in the area.  You will also operate switchboards to control the amount of electricity that is distributed.  This includes taking emergency situations seriously and performing tasks quickly when it appears that there is a problem.

A Line Technician, or Lineman, is another of the various electric power jobs available to you.  Whether you live in a big city or in the country, you undoubtedly have seen the work done by people in this position.  You will need to know about transformers, distribution of electrical power, and substations.  While the process of installing electrical lines is fairly complex, you have the chance to become very knowledgeable with the proper training.  You will need to feel comfortable with rigging and climbing to high heights if you choose this job.  Your education should include knowledge of electrical theory and field training.

Instead of a hands-on job like the above outlined electric power jobs, you might be more interested in a safety, engineering, or design position within the electrical industry.  With these kinds of jobs, you will be responsible for the well-being of employees within a company as well as the public in general.  Job titles include System Engineer, Safety Coordinator, Facilities Project Management, and Field Operations Supervisor.  These are usually positions that can be obtained after a few years as a skilled technical worker.  After all, experience in the field is required to be able to lead a department and guarantee employee’s safety.

Obviously, the titles of these electric power jobs may vary slightly depending on which employer you seek a job from.  However, the basic job outline is the same despite a difference in wording.  There are hundreds of thousands of employees currently working in these kinds of positions in the United States alone.  However, many of them are from the Baby Boomer generation and will be retiring soon.  This means thousands of jobs will be opening up, which you can take advantage of if you get your resume out there for potential employers to view.

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    HVAC Jobs – What the Industry Offers

    HVAC jobs refer to positions in the Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning industry. A pursuit of this kind of career can make a fascinating and lucrative job. In this field, you will be in charge of providing a service to people that they will fully appreciate because climate control is a huge part of being comfortable in your home or office. In order to be able to enter this industry, you are typically required to complete a two-year vocational education. The hardest part of getting your first HVAC job is that many employers prefer to only hire people who have experience. This is the case in many industries, so it is not surprising.

    You should know that you when you first start out with HVAC jobs, you may be in charge of conducting heavy lifting and other less technical work until you can prove yourself. Once you have been at the bottom rung of the ladder for one or two years, you can place your work with the company on your resume and look for work in a more desirable position. You might also simply try to climb higher up the ladder working for the company you started with. Whatever the case may be, if you are looking for HVAC jobs, you must know where to turn.

    You can expect far better pay and less demanding physical work once you have proven your experience. However, the hours may be less desirable because emergency calls could come into play. Still, if you have eight calls in one day that cost $200 each, you can see how HVAC jobs can become lucrative quite quickly. The way you can accomplish this kind of income in the HVAC industry is by finding out exactly what is available in your area and jumping on all opportunities that seem ideal. Then, if you get more than one offer for employment, you will have your pick of who your next employer will be.

    Instead of the heavy lifting that you might experience as you get your foot in the door, HVAC jobs involve installing, repairing, and serving heating and cooling systems in residences, offices, and industrial buildings. You might also choose to specialize in refrigeration or industrial heating units. You will work with thermostats, fans, motors, ductwork, compressors, and tubing. Your work will keep you busy and keep your income streaming in. An HVAC job could be just right for you.

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    Some good info on electrician jobs:

    Electrician Jobs – What the Job Entails

    An electrician is someone who installs and repairs both commercial and residential electrical equipment including wiring and fixtures. Some even install or service intercom systems, controls systems, or street lights. Electricity is known to cause sparks and other hazards, so electrician jobs also involve making sure everything is up to code. When a system is malfunctioning, it is up to the electrician to diagnose the problem with proper testing equipment and hand tools. Once the cause of the issue has been pinpointed, it then must be corrected, which is also part of an electrician job description.

    Sometimes, a hazardous piece of equipment will be located by an electrician who must then use his or her best judgment to advise the management or the homeowner about whether continued use of the equipment, even after being repaired, is safe or not. This clearly means training will be required for electrician jobs to be filled by qualified people. Along with training, an electrician must also maintain his or her license to comply with regulations set up by the government. This is for the great benefit of the public who only wants to hire people who are qualified to get the job done right.

    Electrician jobs many times require workers to install, maintain, and repair electrical wiring and fixtures, but it also may call for an experienced electrician to train someone who is new to the job. Directing and training electricians who are new to the job is important in passing on valuable information and continuing what people expect from their electricians. Also, instead of doing the actual work, an electrician may be responsible for preparing the sketches that will be used in installation. Blueprints will be used to determine wiring locations while code is strictly met by knowledgeable electricians.

    If you want to become an electrician, you should feel comfortable in high places. Obviously, lighting usually comes from above and installing and repairing requires electricians to get up close. To accomplish this, you may need to climb up ladders, scaffolding, and onto roofs. Whether you are looking for a career change or advancement in your current job as an electrician, you could really appreciate learning more about different electrician jobs that are available in your area. You will value the opportunity to get in touch with employers in your area who are looking to hire someone with your specific qualifications. Now is the time to pursue you new career.


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