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Renewable Energy Jobs – Expanding Opportunities

Many people are doing what they can in their homes and businesses to be more renewable and energy-conscious.  People understand how negative human impact has affected the environment through the years and they think now is the time to slow down that impact or even reverse it.  If you find yourself interested in renewable energy jobs, you will be doing your part even more with helping people live comfortably while avoiding the depletion of the earth’s natural resources.  Plus, it is a great way to earn income because it is a fairly new yet expansive industry that is hiring people left and right.

Renewable energy jobs can be found in many different sectors and in countries all over the world.  A few sectors include energy efficiency, hydro power, solar power, wind energy, carbon capture & storage, and waste to energy.  All of these sectors are available in counties like the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Mexico.  Many positions within the renewable energy category of work are related to business or management.  After all, what many employers are looking for is someone who can help them implement renewable energy practices in their business.  Whether the job is in Austin, London, Berlin, or Mexico City, the goal is the same: slow the impact that humans are having on the environment.

In this day and age, more and more companies are seeing the environmental, monetary, and social benefits of switching over the green practices.  Being environmentally friendly is important for businesses to reverse negative environmental impacts and benefit from lower operating costs and tax breaks.  Plus, it is fashionable to be “green” today, so many businesses make the switch to look better in the eyes of their customers.  While there are better reasons to hire people for renewable energy jobs, it certainly sets you up for employment in a number of positions, no matter which sector you prefer to enter and work in for your next successful career.

Simply put, with so much change needed in millions of companies around the world, it is clear that renewable energy jobs are not going anywhere.  There are countless colleges and universities that are beginning to offer degrees in this important category.  Whether you take this route or you simply want to get in touch with an employer because of the past experience you already have, you can certainly expect to be welcomed into the industry with open arms.

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    Here is an article I found regarding this topic:

    Clean Energy Jobs – Wind Energy Workers

    The power of the wind has been harnessed for centuries, but today it serves as one of the most innovative and powerful ways to generate electricity. In a time when fossil fuel dependency is hurting the nation’s economy, it is within everyone’s best interest for energy jobs to be filled in this industry. The need for wind energy workers continues to grow as the United State’s capacity for generating wind energy also grows. Between 2004 and 2009, wind energy production rose by 39%. Careers within wind energy go far beyond working at wind farms—factories, offices and warehouses are all possible places you may find yourself employed as a wind energy worker.

    Despite the large amount of growth seen in wind energy jobs, it is only a tiny portion of the entire nation’s energy market. The energy produced by wind power only accounted for 1.8% of the total power generation in 2009, but this number is up from 1.3% in 2008. Still, when it comes to renewable energy, wind power accounts for approximately half. This is profound when you consider that solar, geothermal, hydroelectric energy and more make up other kinds of renewable sources of energy.

    Currently, about 85,000 Americans are wind energy workers. Many of these people work on wind farms situated primarily in the Southwestern, Midwestern and Northeastern United States. While these regions are better known for generating wind power, you can find employment in any state. This is because turbine manufacturing occurs in many different areas of the US. If you choose not to go into manufacturing, you can still find wind energy jobs in different production phases like project development, operations, and project development. Keep in mind that many positions leak into multiple phases of producing wind energy. Engineers, for example, are utilized for both the manufacturing and project development phases.

    The wages you can earn with these kinds of energy jobs vary greatly depending on what position you hold. If you are a machinist, you can expect to earn about $40,000. Atmosphere scientists, biologists, and geoscientists can earn between $60,000 and $84,000. If you are an engineer, you could make between $50,000 and $95,000 per year simply depending on what kind of engineer you are. Aerospace engineers make the most while engineering technicians have the lowest earning potential. With these kinds of energy jobs, you have the opportunity to help develop a greater generation of power to help the environment one turbine at a time.

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    Here is another article I found regarding this topic:

    Clean Energy Jobs – Solar Power Workers

    The energy from the sun’s rays can be converted into electricity for everyday use through a method known as the photovoltaic process. This type of energy conversion gained notice way back in the 1950s, but with the fairly new trend of going green, solar panels and other energy conserving methods have been growing in popularity. This is good news for people seeking energy jobs as solar power workers. Your job may entail working from the conception of the panels to installing them on the roofs of buildings. Other positions involve working with architects and engineers to assist in the design process of creating a building with solar energy equipment.

    Many times, people entering this field of energy jobs will have experience as construction trade workers who have finished a successful apprenticeship. Then, special training in the technology required for solar energy may be needed. This knowledge can be obtained from a vocational school or other two-year college. After earning an education in the field of solar energy, you may be qualified for researching, planning, and designing new kinds of solar energy systems. Remember that those with the highest level of credentials will have the best chance of finding high-paying employment.

    The working conditions of solar power workers vary greatly depending on the position. Even a single position may have varying settings that a worker will find himself in. For example, sometimes you may be working in a research lab while other times you are on a roof installing a new solar panel. Some parts of these energy jobs are physically demanding while others are relatively inactive. The hours spent installing can be long depending on where you live because installers must wait for agreeable weather and then install many projects at once. It is not uncommon for layoffs to occur when work is slow or the season changes, lessening the ability to install new products.

    The range of salary of these kinds of energy jobs varies considerable. Most technicians can expect to earn between $18,000 and $40,000 per year. This amount is determined by your level of education, past experience in the field, geographical location, and the type of position you fill. When you work full time with a large company, you can usually expect to receive benefits like health insurance and paid leave. If you want to help residences and businesses make the switch to solar power, this could be the kind of energy job you have been looking for.

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    Wind Energy Jobs – Two Employment Possibilities

    Wind farms are a worthwhile investment that are being seen constructed across the United States. For this reason, the need for wind energy jobs is experiencing growth rates at record proportions. Since there are many states that harvest the wind for energy, you might find employment as south as Texas or as north as Minnesota. Wind farms also range from Oregon on the west coast to as far east as Illinois. The demand for well-trained employees in the wind industry is clearly quite far-reaching. You may be interested to learn about various wind energy jobs and their descriptions. Two commonly sought after jobs will be highlighted here.

    First is a Wind Turbine Construction Laborer. This could be the job for you if you are looking for a challenge in your profession. Many professionals agree it is often the most challenging of all wind energy jobs. Various conditions tend to lead to a change in working location so you should be flexible in this way. In order to be hired in this working position, you are not required to have previous experience in the field. In this way, this job could be the way for you to get your foot in the door of wind industry employment. Understandably, this position has lower pay than other wind energy jobs though you certainly have the chance to climb the ladder to a more renowned position, such as the following wind energy job.

    Wind Technician is a position you may be able to seek after some time working in the field. This title refers to workers who are professionals in the industry who are responsible for operating and maintaining wind turbines. Tasks may include changing the oil, replacing filters, troubleshooting problems, and completing warranty tasks. If this is the job for you, you should be comfortable climbing tall fixed ladders that are built into the support tower of wind turbines. The average salary for this position is $78,000. This liberal quantity indicates the high demand for these kinds of wind energy jobs.

    There are a few ways to gain an understanding of where these and other wind energy jobs are available and if there is anything worthwhile in your area. You may desire training to jump right into the higher-paying positions. Whatever you seek, you need a way to get in touch with employers in your area so you can secure the best wind energy job for you.


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