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In the news

In the news: 05/06/2009

Power Jobs Direct is your free job posting board for power, energy and utility companies, municipalites and coops, fortune 500 electrical utilities and more.

We have found that the national job boards don’t always suit our clients needs, and the niche job boards often can be “too niche” or too small. We have since developed PowerJobsDirect, where you can now post all your open job listings from the electrical plant manager, to the architect and account, to the attorney for your legal department and “all”. Don’t go anywhere else!

PowerJobsDirect! Your “only stop shop” for job postings!

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2 Responses to “In the news”

  1. AndrewBoldman says:

    Nice to hear about your new site coming. I will check back

  2. admin says:

    sounds good, and tell others!@AndrewBoldman


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