Distribution System Operator

The purpose of this position is to act as System Operator of the LG&E-KU electrical distribution system. This position will effectively analyze trouble calls, determine trouble locations, direct, coordinate, and dispatch crews, and provide proper safety clearance to line or substation workers. Additionally, this position will determine line switching needed to respond to emergencies and/or provide safety clearance. 

Education & Experience 
Minimum of Associates Degree in engineering/electrical technology, mathematics, or related technical discipline. May be offset by technical knowledge and proficiencies acquired through 2 years work-related experience in the power industry, including electrical substations, line maintenance and/or generation. 

Preferred Qualifications 
Proficient in the operation of computer applications including word processing, spreadsheet applications, GIS, etc.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
The ability to make decisions in emergency situations is critical. Errors in judgement cannot occur where safety is concerned. Stress levels peak and valley with the performance of the network, but the ability to remain calm and make good decisions during heavy outage situations is required. 

Job Description 
Plan, monitor, and maintain a safe operating environment for the LG&E-KU electrical distribution system. Evaluate and control the status of all distribution and substation equipment.

Provide clearance to field personnel following the established Lock Out/Tag Out procedures to ensure safe working environment. Ensure that emergency and regular work crews maintain radio and/or telephone contact with Distribution Operations and receive proper clearance before energizing any line or circuits.

Monitor distribution system loads, recommending load transfers between circuits and substations to avoid circuit overloads and phase unbalance.

Employee will be responsible for remote control and update of SCADA devices (where applicable) and will work with field personnel in relaying SCADA information, respond to alarms when generated by SCADA, or notified by Transmission Control Center, and contact person(s) needed to correct these problems.

Direct and coordinate efficient restoration of customers’ electric service by using manual or computerized systems to analyze and prioritize probable outage locations and dispatch crews to those locations. Determine emergency switching sequences to isolate trouble and restore power.

Employee responsible for being knowledgeable of customers on Medical Alert/Life Support and high priority customers and check the file when planned outages or before service is disrupted to customers. Responsible for making sure service is restored to these customers on priority basis in emergency situations.

All other projects and duties as assigned. 

Work Conditions 
Normal office environment
Rotating 12 hour shift, 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 

Physical Effort 
Primarily sitting with optional standing or walking. 

Company Name:
LG&E and KU Energy
Approximate Salary:
Not Specified
Louisville, Kentucky
United States
System Operator
Position type:
Full Time
Experience level:
2 - 5 years
Education level:
Associate Degree
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